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Top 5 Unique Companies in Indian Stock Market

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There is more than 5000+ companies listed on BSE and NSE. It is not possible to track each and every company. But there are some companies which has monopoly and unique business like IRCTC, Jubilant Food (Domino’s), Avanti Feeds, Page industries, Nestle and many more. These stocks have created huge wealth to its investors over a period of years.

So in this post we will discuss top 5 unique companies in Indian stock market.
1) Club Mahindra: – Hotel and Tourism industry is one of the largest industry in the India. Despite this, many hotel chains and hospitality companies suffer losses due to various reasons. But there is one company which is super profitable in this category i.e., Club Mahindra. It has a unique business model.
Many hotels are built near famous tourist place or Airport. So, while building hotel 40-50% amount is used for land acquisition. It will result into increase in the rent to recover the cost. On the other hand, Club Mahindra buys a land far from any prime location or famous spot. So, its land acquisition and project cost automatically decrease.
Club Mahindra’s next strategy is sales pitch. It offers a membership for 25 years in which a family can enjoy holidays for 7 days in a year for free in 5-star hotel. This membership is usually between 5 Lakh-15 Lakh. So, customer pays membership fees and can enjoy for next 25 years. It has 100+ hotels and resorts in India as well as abroad. If person has purchased membership, he/she will come by default to enjoy holidays despite the location of the hotel.
Besides, Annual Maintenance Fees ranges between 15k-20k, limited number of rooms, bad cancellation terms & conditions, locations of the hotels are some of the disadvantages for this company.
So how does Club Mahindra earn money? It can use money received through membership by reinvesting in its business and in other ways to generate higher returns over a longer period. It also accepts bookings from online portals like OYO, GoIbibo,, MakeMyTrip for renting rooms. This business is a Win-Win deal for Club Mahindra as well as its customers also.
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2) Affle: – Mobile has become integral part of our life. Everyday each of us use many social media platform and other websites. While using online media platform, we receive many customized advertisements. Have you ever thought which companies are behind it? Affle is one such company that runs ad campaigns by for many largest E-Commerce platform in India. Many online and offline companies use Affle’s consumer platform to attract customers via mobile advertisement.
Affle Holding is Singapore based promoter of Affle India company. Microsoft, D2C Inc. (subsidiary of Japan’s telecom operator NTT DoCoMo) and Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd are investors in Affle. Affle mainly caters to telecom, internet service providers (ISP), e-commerce, retail, and healthcare sectors. It also offers services to real estate, travel & transportation industries. Affle (India) runs successful ad campaigns for companies like Amazon, Flipkart, GoIbibo, BookMyShow, ALTBalaji and many more.
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3) Tata Power: – ‘Clean, cheap and abundant power is one the basic ingredients for the economic progress of a city, state or country.’Sri Jamsetji Tata, Founder, Tata Group.
Tata Power has changed its focus from traditional power generation like thermal, hydro to renewable energy i.e., solar, wind etc., in recent years. It also has other businesses which rarely discussed. It includes: –
A) Solaroof – Tata Power Solaroof ranked no.1 solar brand for 6 years in a row. It has 30 years of expertise, engineering & quality.
Solar solutions are installed on your roof or ground for harnessing sun’s energy. It saves big electricity cost and helps you too fulfill role of responsible citizen by contributing to the environment.

B) EV Charging Solutions – It provides EV charging solutions across home, office, malls, hotels, retail outlets etc. It also provides end-to-end solutions as per requirement i.e., Backend Power Infrastructure, EV chargers, Charger installation, Annual Maintenance, Charger Management Software Platform Subscription and Mobile App.

C) Home Automation – Tata Power also provides home automation solutions i.e., EZ Home. It is an IoT solution which allows customers to monitor, operate and schedule appliances like lighting, fans, ACs, washing machines, geysers, TVs, refrigerators via smartphone and with voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa. This can be operated or control from anywhere.
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4) Info-Edge: – Info-Edge is India’s premier online classifieds company in matrimony, recruitment, education, real estate, and related services.
i) Recruitment – It includes famous job classified (, job site for Middle East Market (, a fresher hiring site (

ii) Real Estate – It has online real estate classified (, India’s largest property marketplace covering all major cities and large number of agent and developers.

iii) Matrimony – Online matrimony classified, (, is among top 3 in India’s online matrimony space and also has offline Jeevansathi match points and franchisees.

iv) Education – It has (, which is the smartest gateway for student to achieve their goals.

Info-Edge also make investments in early stage companies/startup ventures. Currently company has investment into Zomato, Meritnation, Policybazaar, Canvera, Happily Unmarried, Vacation Labs, Big Stylist & Rare Media Company Ltd.
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5) General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC) RE – Insurance sector is divided into 2 categories – Life Insurance and General Insurance. Life insurance provide cover only for life while general insurance offer covers for day-to-day living. It includes travel, health, car and bike, home, accident, and marine insurance. It also provides cover for industrial equipment, crop insurance, mobile insurance, pet insurance, credit insurance etc.
An insurance company should have enough capital for paying all the future claims so insurance company can reduce is future liability of claims by transferring a part of it to another insurer i.e., reinsurer. A reinsurance company receives a premium in exchange for taking on risk and pays a claim when it arises.
There are 33 general insurance companies in India. At present GIC is the sole reinsurer provides reinsurance to general insurance companies in India. GIC receives statutory cession of 5% on every policy subject to certain limits. It means when we buy any general insurance, 5% of such premium goes to GIC. As India is developing country, so in upcoming years if consumption of goods and services increases, automatically it will help to increase GIC’s business.
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Disclaimer: – The above content is for educational and informational purpose only. Mentioned 5 stocks are not buy recommendation. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing.

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